Land-Based Jackpot Slots -

Land-Based Casinos are Known for Their Jackpot Slot Machines

When most people think of a casino, they envision people at the craps table or poker
table. The truth is that most land-based casinos are just as popular for their slot
machines. Whether you’re in Atlantic City or on the Las Vegas strip, you’re never far
from a jackpot slot machine. And, in case you think only old ladies with blue hair play
the slots, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The slots are there for people who like to spend a few hours pressing their luck, waiting
for a bonus or jackpot. At any given time, you can walk into a casino, and you’ll see
digital signs telling you how many thousands of dollars have been paid out at these slot
machines. Some people have been known to win hundreds of thousands of dollars at
these machines. It all depends on being at the right machine at the right time. There’s
no skill involved, although a lot of people swear there is. Entire books have been written
by people who think they know how to predict when a slot machine is primed to hit the
jackpot. The truth is that these machines payout according to complex algorithms set up
by the game’s designers.

What Different Kind of Jackpot Slot Machines are Out There?

No matter where you’re gambling, there are typically hundreds of slot machines on
hand. Some of these are jackpot slots, while others are just your run-of-the-mill slot
machines. Even the regular slots have huge payouts that qualify as a jackpot in the
casino. That’s because any win over $1,200 is considered a jackpot in the casino world. If
you’ve ever been lucky enough to hit one of these bonuses or payouts, you know how
exciting it can be. People come over to see what all the commotion is. Bells and whistles
sound off, calling a slot technician to come over and confirm your jackpot. Then you get
to anxiously wait for them to come to count out your winnings, secretly praying that
they don’t come back and say it was some sort of mistake.

Some jackpot slots are located in the casino’s “High Roller Rooms.” These machines
require that you bet anywhere from $1 to $500 per spin. These areas are carved off in
separate rooms so that the serious gamblers feel privileged. There have been cases of
people winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in these rooms, but that’s rare.
Usually, the most they’ll win is somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000. But still,

that is life-changing money for some people. It’s hard to fathom how much money they
put into these machines before they hit the jackpot.

But you don’t have to be a high roller to win a huge jackpot. Certain machines have
been known to pay out tremendous jackpots for people betting moderate amounts such
as $1 or $2 per spin.

What are Some of the Biggest Payouts of All Time?

Over the years, there have been some tremendous jackpots won at all of the major
casinos. The biggest jackpot of all time was won by someone from Los Angeles in 2003.
He was playing at Excalibur Casino at the time on the Megabucks slot machine. He had
spent about $100 when he hit the jackpot for $39.7 million! Talk about life-changing
prizes. One can only imagine what sorts of friends and family crawled out of the
woodwork when word got out about his huge win.

There have been plenty of multimillion-dollar jackpot wins at other land-based casinos
in the U.S. as well. A woman named Cynthia Brennan was visiting the Desert Inn in Las
Vegas when she too was playing the Megabucks Slots. She managed to walk away after
winning $35 million dollars. Sadly, she was seriously injured in a car accident a few
months later and wasn’t able to enjoy her money the way she would’ve liked to.

Not everybody who wins a jackpot can expect to get $30 or $40 million. They don't all
have to play the Megabucks slot either. In the Cannery in Las Vegas, an unidentified man
won over $12,000 playing Fire Link. Not long after that, a woman won just over $1
million playing the Buffalo Grand slot machine in a Las Vegas casino. Both of these
players were making much lower bets, with their highest bet being $3.75!

Is There Such a Thing as Penny Slots?

Some people figure there’s no point in playing the slots at their favorite casinos if they
can’t afford $3.75 bets. To them, I say they have just as much a chance of winning a
jackpot at a penny slot as they do at a high roller slot machine. In fact, there are people
who win more than $2,000 dollars every hour on the hour at casinos like the Golden
Nugget and Borgata in Atlantic City. Of course, you can’t actually bet one penny. Most of
these machines require you to bet at least 40 or 50 cents per spin in order to qualify for
a bonus. But if you’re able to bet just $1, you can rack up a bonus for close to $3,000.

Most casinos design their floors so that their slot machines are grouped based on level
of play. So, penny slot machines may be in one corner while $1 slots are clear across the
casino floor. This way, you get a wide selection of games to play without having to roam
the casino looking for one that lets you play penny or nickel denominations. Some of these jackpot slots even let you pick your own denomination when you put your money

Is There a Way to Predict When a Jackpot Will Hit?

Contrary to what some people say, there is no foolproof way to spot a machine that is
ready to hit the jackpot. Some people swear by sitting at a machine at the end of a row.
Others think they’re better off playing a machine that is in the center of the action.
Most people who play slots for fun pick a machine that looks entertaining and take a
seat. Since any machine can hit the jackpot at any given time, it’s really just a matter of
luck and persistence.

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