Wagering Requirements on Jackpot Slots

Wagering Requirements on Jackpot Slots

Imagine this scenario. You’ve just signed up to a new online casino and have been rewarded with some bonus funds. You’re using those funds to play your favorite slot, and you win yourself some money. Then, you try to withdraw your money and can’t because of wagering requirements. How frustrating is that?

We all love playing online jackpots slots and generous online casino welcome bonuses, but you’ll find it challenging to find people who love wagering requirements. These requirements stop you from accessing any money you win with bonus funds, at least immediately. 

In this guide, our experts will break down what wagering requirements are and how you can use this knowledge to find the best bonus to use on online jackpot slots.

What are Wagering Requirements at Online Casinos?

Wagering requirements apply to a lot of the offers you’ll see at online casinos. Typically, casinos will offer you welcome bonuses, free spins on jackpot slots, and other exciting deals when you sign up. These all look great, and for the most part, they are. However, the wagering requirements attached to these offers can make them much less appealing.

Wagering requirements will come as a number (e.g., 30x) that indicates the number of times you need to wager your bonuses before you can cash out any winnings. For example, say you have a welcome bonus that awards you with $100 in free bonuses. You may be thinking that’s a lot of spins on a jackpot slot. But if the offer has a high wagering bonus like 50x, you will need to wager $5000 in bonuses before you can withdraw any winnings.

This is fine if you’re hitting the jackpot, but this doesn’t happen very often, as slot gamblers know. Suddenly you can find a tiny amount of bonuses in your account and a significant wagering requirement to work through.

This doesn’t make welcome bonuses redundant or anything like that. It is just something gamblers should be aware of when registering and claiming a welcome bonus. 

Can You Avoid Wagering Requirements?

Probably not if you’re gambling at an online casino with welcome bonuses. This is especially true if a wagering requirement applies to an offer you want. However, with our guidance, you can ensure that wagering requirements affect your enjoyment a lot less.

Consider Both Wagering Requirements and Bonus Sums

Don’t immediately jump for the bonus that has the largest number advertised. Yes, you are looking for a big bonus to boost your jackpot slot gambling, but always read the terms and conditions. Often you’ll find offers that give you substantial sums to bet with have equally substantial wagering requirements.

Choose a Casino with No Wagering Requirements

Of course, as widespread as wagering requirements are, there are online casinos that will try and win over customers by not having any at all. There is a compromise with this, and these bonuses are usually not quite as attractive as those with wagering requirements. However, if you want to be rid of wagering requirements altogether, it is worth browsing for these casinos.

Look for Special Bonuses with No Wagering Requirements

What is more common than an online casino with no wagering requirements is a single offer at a casino not having wagering requirements. Again, these offers are usually tied to smaller rewards and have limitations. For example, your bets may not be eligible to win jackpots on jackpot slots. 

Renounce Your Bonus

Of course, one way to get around wagering requirements is to forgo the benefits of a welcome bonus. Sometimes gamblers like to do this so they know everything in their account is cash and can be withdrawn as they see fit. Most online casinos will allow you to do this if you so choose. However, this isn’t what our experts would advise. Casino bonuses will enable you to play games and enjoy the fun of a casino without risking any cash. Usually, you can complete the wagering requirements pretty quickly and earn some extra money for your troubles. 

Check Game Contribution

There is another factor with welcome bonuses that it is essential to consider, and that is the different weighting different game types have towards your total. For example, a video slot game could contribute 100%, but a table game like baccarat may only contribute 30%. That means every $1 you stake on a slot will go towards your wagering requirement, but a $1 on baccarat will only contribute 30¢. Make sure to check the contribution of the jackpot slot you are playing before pouring your bonus funds into it.

Playing Jackpot Slots at US Online Casinos

Now that you know how to make the most from your welcome bonuses, you’re ready to redeem yourself a bonus and start working off your wagering requirements by playing jackpot slot games. In the US, there are many states where online gambling is legalized, and if you are within the borders of one of these states, you will be able to play without any issues.

Download an online casino app, or visit one through your desktop. Create your account, redeem your welcome bonus, and start gambling for that jackpot today.

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